Picture taken minutes after eruption / Vedurstofa Islands

Reykjanes eruption number three

Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 63.8379949° N 22.5209429° W

Reykjanes eruption number three

On July 10th, 2023, after a rather short series of earthquakes in Reykjanes, a volcanic eruption began around 16:40 just north of Litli Hrutur close to Fagradalsfjall. The area is in southwest Iceland, about 15 km from Keflavik International Airport and about 25 km from the Reykjavík metropolitan area.

After first look, a 200-meter fissure opened north of Litli Hrutur about 1,5 km distance from former location of the volcano 2021 and 2022 near Merardalur.  At first glance, the eruption seems to start with more force than the last two eruption.
The eruption is considered to be relatively small and due to its location, there is low threat to populated areas or critical infrastructure.

Geldingadala eruption in Icelandic

Geldingadala eruption number two paused  on September 8th 2022.

Reykjanes eruption number four started December 18th 2023 and paused December 22nd 2023.
Reykjanes eruption number five started January 14th 2024 and ended 3 days later.

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