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Murders and Executions in South Iceland

According to the Book of Settlements and the Sturlunga Saga, many murders,... more

Thingvellir Icelands most sacred site

Thingvellir, location of the old Althing Icelanders gathered at River Oxara in... more

Thingvellir – witchcraft and scorcery

Witchcraft and scorcery at Thingvellir The witch hunt in Europe started around... more

Thingvellir faults and chasms

The main western fault line, 8 km long (5 miles) and 5 km (3 miles) wide, is... more


Gaukshofdi is a headland along which River Thjorsa runs where it can be forded... more


Farm Bergtorshvoll is a church site in the West Landeyjar County The churches... more

Hruni Church

This church belongs to the Hruni benefice in the Arnes deanery It was built of... more


About Ashildarmyri Ashildarmyri is a historical site and an ancient meeting... more

Svinafell Farm

About Svinafell   Farm Svinafell in the Oraefi County was among the... more

Orrustuholl Mound

About Orrustuholl The Argument Mound protrudes from the eastern Skafta Fire... more

Hjorleifshofdi Headland

Hjorleifshofdi is a freestanding, 221 m high hyaloclastite headland on the... more

Kerlingardalur Valley

The Kerlingar Valley is situated about 5 kilometres to the east of the hamlet... more

Storhofdi Headland

Headland Storhofdi is the southernmost inhabited spot of the country It is 122... more

Ranga Burial Site

Early 19th century sources mention two burial grounds about 2½ km east of... more

Thingskalar Parlament Site

About Thingskalar Thingskalar is an ancient place of the assembly of the... more

Stora Hof Farm

About Stora Hof This estate is located near River Eastern Ranga in District... more

Bergthorshvoll Farm

About Bergthorshvoll Farm Bergthorshvoll is also the domicile of a Lutheran... more


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