Articles in Waterfalls


Grundarfoss is an impressive plunging waterfall near the town of Grundarfjordur... more


Lake Blonduvatn The lake is located in the northwest of Iceland upon a heath... more

Gljufrabui Waterfall

Gljufurarfoss is among the most renowned waterfalls of Iceland only few km from... more


The Glanni Waterfall on the Norðurá River is said to be the dwelling place of... more


Klifbrekkufossar is a magnificent tiers of waterfalls in MjóifjörðurWhile... more


Gufufoss is a moderately sized waterfall found just outside of the city of... more


The scenic Fardagafoss waterfall is situated close to the main road to... more


River Hengifossa discharges Lake Hengifossarvatn on the Fljotsdalsheidi... more


Morsárfoss is a waterfall in Iceland Measurements showed that one of them was... more

Oxara Thingvellir National Park

The main source of the Axe River is in the shallow valley between Mt Burfell... more


Ófærufoss is a waterfall situated in the Eldgjá chasm in central... more


The Gljufursarfoss waterfall is in the eastern part of Iceland, with the... more

Foss a Sidu

Foss a Sídu is a spectacular farm mound approx 10 km east of... more


This beautiful natural phenomenum and oasis at the edge of the central... more

Dynjandi Waterfall

The Dynjandisfoss is the greatest waterfall of the Northwest Peninsula, also... more


Hjalparfoss is a beautiful, two stepped waterfall near the confluence of Rivers... more

Hafragilsfoss Waterfall

About Hafragilsfoss Hafragilsfoss (27m) is one of the three waterfalls of... more

Gullfoss Waterfalls

The Golden Waterfalls (Gullfoss) are situated in the upper part of River Hvita... more


About Haifoss The waterfall Haifoss in the Thjorsa Valley is 122 m high,  the... more

Rjukandi Power Plant

About Rjukandi Power Plant River Fossa drains the Snaefell’s Glacier It... more


About Svartifoss Svartifoss is among the most renowned waterfalls of Iceland... more

Thjofafoss – Trollkonuhlaup

These waterfalls just east of Mt Burfell look more like rapids when River... more


About Urridafoss In order to get to the waterfall Urridafoss you follow the... more

River Hengifossa, Hengifoss

River Hengifossa discharges Lake Hengifossarvatn on the Fljotsdalsheidi... more

Selfoss Waterfall – Jokulsa a Fjollum

About Selfoss Selfoss is one of the three waterfalls of river Jokulsa a... more


Aldeyjarfoss This waterfall is considered the most beautiful one in the river... more


Barnafoss The waterfall Barnafoss is in River Skjalfandafljot near the... more


About Godafoss This is one of the most impressive waterfalls of the country It... more

Fagrifoss Waterfall

Fagrifoss is a waterfall on the way to Laki route is very rough and rugged... more

Dettifoss Waterfall

About Dettifoss Dettifoss is Europe’s mightiest waterfall It is 44 m high... more

Skogafoss Waterfall

About Skogafoss Waterfall Skogafoss is 60 m high and counted among the most... more

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

About Seljalandfoss Waterfall This waterfall is about 60 m high and it is... more

Gullfoss – Geysir

Gullfoss waterfalls and Geysir area The Golden Waterfalls in the glacial river... more


About Hraunfossar The unique and picturesque waterfalls called Hraunfossar... more


About Glymur This is the highest waterfall of the country, 200 metres (660... more