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Reykjanes eruption number three

Reykjanes eruption number three On July 10th, 2023, after a rather short... more

Geldingadala eruption number two

Geldingadala eruption number two On March 19, 2021, after a long series of... more

Grimsvotn eruptions

Grimsvotn eruption's diaries September 1996 On September 30th 1996, a... more

Geldingadala eruption

Volcano in Reykjanes Beginning On March 19th, 2021, after weeks of multiple... more

Mt Hekla eruptions

Mt Hekla - Historical eruptions according to geologist Sigurdur... more

Raufarholshellir Lava Cave

This lava cave, Raufarholsshellir, is within easy reach just east of the main... more

Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant

Exploration and Planning started already in 1947 and was continued for two... more

Kerid Slag Crater

The slag crater Kerid is the northernmost one of the crater row called... more


The total area of this small glacier is about 19 km² It is located just north... more

Bridge Between Two Continents

According to the continental drift theory, the Eurasian and North American... more

Godahraun: Magni and Modi

About Godahraun:  Magni and Modi Modi and Magni are two of the two youngest... more

Mt. Keilir

About Keilir Mt Keilir is a hyaloclastite mountain on the Reykjanes Peninsula... more

Mt. Brennisteinsfjoll

About Mt Brennisteinsfjoll The Sulphur Mountains are to the south of the... more

Almenningar Lava Fields

About Almenningar Almenningar is a lava patch between the lava fields... more

Mts Kverkfjoll

Kverkfjoll is a mountain massif underneath and on the northern edge of the... more

Ogmundarhraun Lava Field

About Ogmundarhraun The lava field Ogmundarhraun is situated between Krysuvik... more


This cluster of reddish looking craters is situated in the Grimsnes County They... more

Snaefellsnes Volcanoes

Volcanic activity on the peninsula still exists in this Flank Zone extending... more

Surtsey Island

About Island Surtsey The eruption, which created this and other islands around... more


About Thrainsskjoldur Thrainsskjoldur is an extensive lava mound north of Mt... more

The Westman Islands

The Westman Islands, "The Pearls in The Ocean", is an archipelago of 15 islands... more

Hofsjokull Glacier

The Hofsjokull (The Temple Glacier; 1760m) is a round shaped icecap in the... more


This lava field and its two crater rows were created by fissure eruptions One... more


About Hrossaborg "The Horse Castle" is one of two "tuff rings" situated in the... more

Eldgja Fissure

Eldgja, or "The Fire Fissure”, is 40 km long and stretches from the glacier... more

Dyngjuhals Ridge

The Dyngjuhals is a wide ridge east of Lakes Gaesavotn It is about 20 km wide... more


The central volcano Katla is hidden under the southeastern part of the ice cap... more


The name of Mt Krafla was extended over the high temperature area after the... more

Laki, Lakagigar

The 25 km long crater row called Lakagigar was created during a relatively... more

Torfajokull glacier

The glacier Torfajokull peaks at 1,190 m above sea level and its total area is... more

Mt. Bardarbunga

Mt Bardarbunga is the second highest elevation of the country, just below 2000... more


Mt Trolladyngja (4,815 feet) is a vast shield volcano at the northern end of... more

The Odadahraun Lava Fields

About Odadahraun This name refers to the largest lava area of the country... more

Mt. Askja – Dyngjufjoll

The Odadahraun lava desert This is the vastest lava area of the country The... more


Mt Tungnafell (1,392 m) is a convex and steep mountain in the northern slopes... more

Oraefajokull Glacier (Peak Hvannadalshnjukur)

Oraefajokull is the highest mountain of the country, 2,110 m, and stretches to... more

Eldhraun Lava – Laki Area

The 25 km long crater row called Lakagigar was created during a relatively... more

Heimaklettur Mountain

This low mountain is one of the northern outposts of the Heimaey Island It... more

Mt. Hekla – Volcano

Mt Hekla The most "renowned or infamous" volcano of Iceland, Hekla, is... more


The central western peninsula, Snaefellsnes, is one of the most Saga invested... more


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