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Urridafoss Thjorsa salmon fishing

In order to get to the waterfall Urridafoss you follow the signs and take a... more


The salmon runs upriver from May to October, mostly during the middle of the... more


Iceland’s largest spring fed river and a famous salmon river It has been on a... more


This fishing spot in River Olfusa near the Laugarbakki spot and the confluence... more

Hvita – Langholt, Gislastadir – Snaefoksstadir

A glacial river of considerable volume It is fished mostly like the Olfusa... more

Bruara Hamrar

A large clear but cold river It is not a prolific salmon river yet the... more

Tungufljot in Biskupstungur

During the last few years, the proprietors of this river have been testing its... more

KALFA, angling

Kalfa his is a small spring fed river, a tributary of River Thjorsa, near the... more

Stora Laxa

A rather large volume river fished with ten rods It splits into three beats,... more

THVERA, Angling

A rather small river flowing into the East Ranga just above the junction of the... more

Skoga, Angling

Skoga is a growing salmon river Rock pools and habitats have been created very... more

Vatnsa – Kerlingadalsa, Angling

A small, short three rod river in the middle of the Southland It originates in... more

Ranga west, Angling

The West Ranga is in many ways the same as the East Ranga, although much... more

Ida angling

Ida Hvita Not a river in itself, but the confluence of rivers Stora Laxa and... more

Holsa River

About Holsa River This spring fed river was called Djupa (The Deep River) in... more

Olfusa River

About River Olfusa Rivers Hvita and Sog change names after their confluence... more

River Thjorsa

About River Thjorsa  The Book of Settlements explains the denomination of the... more


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