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Murders and Executions Reykjavik and Reykjanes area

Reykjavik area: VALLEY EILIFSDALUR Mt Esja Reykjanes... more


Kirkjubol was a farm at Gardskagi, often occupied by rich farmers and... more


Junkaragerdi was a farm just north of the Hafnaberg Cliffs Its name was... more

Saga Trail Reykjanes


Travel Guide Reykjanes

Reykjanes (The Steamy Peninsula) is the name of the south- westernmost tip of... more


Stora-Sandvik and Litla-Sandvik are located just south of Hafnaberg at... more

Krysuvik Church

This church belongs to the Hafnarfiord benefice in the Kjalarnes deanery It was... more

Hvalsnes Church

This church was built with basaltic lava stones in 1886-87 and consecrated on... more

Bridge Between Two Continents

According to the continental drift theory, the Eurasian and North American... more

Eldey Island

About Eldey Island Eldey (The Fire Island) is a 77 m high, sheer rock, with an... more

Kalmanstjorn Farm

Kalmanstjorn is an abandoned farm, a former estate to the south of Lake... more


The former estate Herdisarvik, now abandoned, stood on the synonymous cove on... more

Hafurbjarnarstadir Farm

About Hafurbjarnarstadir Farm Hafurbjarnarstadir is located on Gardskagi in... more

Mt. Brennisteinsfjoll

About Mt Brennisteinsfjoll The Sulphur Mountains are to the south of the... more

Ogmundarhraun Lava Field

About Ogmundarhraun The lava field Ogmundarhraun is situated between Krysuvik... more


About Reykjanes Reykjanes (The Steamy Peninsula) is the name of the south-... more

Selatangar – Mt. Festarfjall

About Selatangar - Festarfjall Wherever the coastal landscape of the southwest... more


About Stadarborg Stadarborg is a sheep shelter, 2-3 km from the former... more

Stadur church Reykjanes

Stadur is a former parsonage and a church site a short distance to the west of... more


About Stafnes Stafnes was a mansion in the past There were many fishing... more

Mt Thorbjorn / Mt Fagradalsfjall

About Mt Thorbjorn /Mt Fagradalsfjall Mt Thorbjorn (Thorbjarnarfell) is a free... more

Vogastapi Headland

About Vogastapi Headland Vogastapi (80 m) carried different names in the past,... more


Grindavík is one of the most important fishing towns of Iceland Tourism plays... more