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Arctic Coast Way – 5, Akureyri to Husavik viaTjornes to Kopasker

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.1023° N 16.87176° W

Akureyri the fourth largest town of the country is often called “The Capital of the North” and also “The Danish Town”. Its oldest parts are situated on the southernmost narrow strip of land and the spit of land, called “Oddeyri”, at the end of the long bay Eyjafiordur. The younger parts are in the slopes above and the former community Glera Village, north of river Glera.
The original trading post received its municipal rights with the capital and three others in 1786. These rights of Akureyri were revoked, but granted again in 1862.Driving from Akureyri to Husavik is about 90 km.

Grenivik is a village in the Grytubakki Parish on the eastern shores of the Eyjafjordur Bay 44 km from Akureyri
Grenivik an  worth visiting!  Latrastrond is the north easternmost coastal area of the Eyjafiord Bay and the Flatey Valley stretches from the northern part of the Fnjoska Valley


Husavik town on the eastern shores of The Skjalfandi Bay. It is a commercial centre for a large agricultural area and processing of farm produce plays a considerable role in the town’s economy. Many dairy and meat products processed here are appreciated all over the country. Fishing and fish processing are also important bases of livelihood. The fastest growing trade, however, is tourism. Accommodations, cuisine, and services to travellers are at their very best.
Peninsula Tjornes is indented with short valleys and gorges. It is situated between the bays Skjalfandi and Oxarfiord. In the east it is steep and in the west and along the coastline it is more undulating and lower. There, the lower sandbanks characterize the landscape and almost work like a vade-mecum for those, who are interested in geology. The alternating strata of sand and deposits are either totally devoid of any sign of life or contain compact layers from the Pliocene and the late ice age, fossilized marine life. These strata confirm the opening of the Bering Strait (probably at the end of the tertiary or the beginning of the ice age), connecting the two great oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic.


Kopasker fishing village is situated on the eastern side of the big Oxarfjordur Bay. Its existence is based on services rendered to the agricultural surroundings, food production, fishing, fish processing and tourism. It has a guesthouse and a youth hostel and quite a few interesting places to visit. One of them is the beautiful National Park Jokulsargljufur. In 1976 plate tectonics (earthquakes) caused extensive damages to constructions in the village. At the same time a part of the lowland area to the southwest, Kelduhverfi, subsided and a big lake was created.

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