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Haunted house JOKULSA a FJOLLUM

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.0633° N 16.52° W

Two ferries were used to serve the travellers, who had to get across River Jokulsa a Fjollum. One of them was operated by the farmer of Grimsstadir until the bridge was built near the ferry point in 1947. In 1880 a retreat for the travellers was built of stone and concrete at the ferry point on the western side of the river. Downstairs was a horse stable and upstairs was a stove and sleeping quarters. At that time, there were very few such well equipped retreats in the country.

Sagas of IcelandHowever good this house may have been, very few people could rest there because it was haunted by a calf-like, hairy and frightening monster. The house became the talk of the town all over the country and it was difficult not to believe in the stories because of the multitude of witnesses, who had experienced the haunting. This house still stands a short distance to the north of the bridge if anyone wants to test the truth of these stories.

Hunted House is on North Iceland Saga Trail

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