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Kreppa River

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 66.0133° N 16.58° W

About Kreppa River

River Kreppa is a short tributary of the 206 kilometres long Jokulsa a Fjollum.  It mainly discharges the westernmost corner of the immensely wide glacier tongue Bruarjokull, where it is barricated by Mts Kverkfjoll.  One of the main access roads of the Mts Kverkfjoll Area crosses the bridge of river Kreppa, which has repeatedly suffered damages by floods (glacier bursts) in the past.  It is actually the largest tributary of river Jokulsa and the confluence, further north, is almost opposite the spring fed tributary Linda discharging the Herdubreidarlindir Area.

Kreppa river (Jokulsa a Fjollum in Icelandic

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