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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.0285° N 16.4871° W

About Hljodaklettar

Hljodaklettar (The Whispering Cliffs) are a bizarre looking group of crater plugs depicting basaltic columns in different positions creating all kinds of patterns, such as rosettes, a lion’s head and for that matter whatever people’s minds decide.

Sagas of IcelandThe loose material of those craters was washed away by catastrophic flood waves originating from the big icecap Vatnajokull in the south.

This is one of the most beautiful and interesting hiking areas of the country. The Whispering Cliffs are a part of the National Park Jokulsargljufur and should not be passed by. The distance from the capital is 558 km by the Whale Bay tunnel and 78 from Husavik.

Travel Information

The National Park’s Visitors Centre, called “Gljufrastofa”, is situated in Asbyrgi. It is open during summer
Telephone: +354 470 7100Email:

Hljodaklettar is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Photo Credit: Visit North Iceland

Hljodaklettar in Icelandic

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