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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.1223° N 16.5476° W

Keldunes is a small farm community in the Kelduhverfi County. In its proximity are the so-called Keldunesbrunnar, a large cold spring area at the edge of the edge of a lava field to the south.

Sagas of IcelandKeldunes was the official judicial assembly place of the county and the birthplace of the country’s first Icelandic governor, Skuli Magnusson (1811-94. He was the pioneer and founder of the first woolen processing factories (Innrettingar) in the Reykjavik Area, the fighter for trading rights for his people agains the Danish Trade Monopoly. His whole life he was constantly involved in disputes and litigations. He was a reliable friend and a good writer, who left behind various documentations.

The farmer at Keldunes shortly after the turn of the 17th century had a child with his sister in law and came to an agreement with an other man to father the child. This arrangement did not prevent his death sentence at the Parliamentary Plains in 1705. He refused the offer of a petition to the king for his pardon and expressed three wishes, which were granted before he was led to the chopping block. He was permitted to walk unchained to his executioner, his clothes were given to the poor instead to the executioner and he was buried in consecrated ground. Shortly afterwards his mother of the illegimate child was drowned in the Keldunes Area.

Keldunes is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Keldunes in Icelandic

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