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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.95° N 17.1167° W

About Reykjaheidi

The moorlands south of the fishing town Husavik are only passable by 4wd vehicles during summer. Just a short distance from town, an excellent trout and char fishing lake in beautiful surroundings offers fishing and relaxation. The road up there is passable by all cars.

Sagas of IcelandThe winter conditions in the moorlands are very difficult because of blizzards and snow. In the year 1700 a traveller died of exposure in a blizzard up there in the middle of summer. Near the mountain Saeluhusmuli the road forks. The road to the north leads to the inhabited areas of Kelduhverfi and the other towards southeast to Theistareykir and onwards to the main road on Holssandur much further south.

Mts Gaesafjoll are table mountains at the southern boundaries of the moorland. Their highest peak is Jonstindur (882m) and they rise between 300 and 400 m above the surroundings. Their shape is triangular. On top of peak Jonstindur is a big crater. About 2 km further south is a big couldron with a lake at its bottom.

Reykjaheidi is on North Iceland Saga Trail

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