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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.853333 ° N 17.416667° W

Muli is an ancient estate, a parsonage for extended periods and a church site in the Adaldalur Valley. Its original name was Fellsmuli. Priests and Rev. found this parish desirable for its comfort and income. The property was large and easy to farm, a few other church properties were annexed as well as a few outlying farms and other advantages were included.

Sagas of IcelandAround the turn of the 11th century Oddi Helgason lived there. His popular name is Star Oddi, because he was among the foremost astronomer of the world of the time. He recorded his observations and conclusions, but they did not advance the development in this field, because Oddi did not communicate with his colleagues in this remote country. The rest of the world did not know about his discoveries until many centuries later.

Muli is on North Iceland Saga Trail

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