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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.0450° N 17.3383° W

Old Baukur was originally built in 1843 as a residence for the district magistrate, Sigfus Schulesen. Between 1884 and 1904 a popular restaurant was housed in Old Baukur. Benedikt Sveinsson, then magistrate and his son, the famous entrepreneur Einar Benediktsson, were among the frequent guests eating and drinking at Old Baukur. After the landlord’s death the house was used as a private residence and in more recent times as a fisherman’s hut until it burnt down in 1960.

A Good Boat is handsome and able. Old words. Words you seldom see used in magazine advertisements for new boats. The aesthetics of a boat design are subjective, of course, beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Some boats, however, never fail to attract admiring glances, while others go unnoticed. A “Good Boat” can carry out the mission for which she was designed. She may just suit local conditions of sea and wind, or she may be ready to put to sea and try her luck against whatever Old Ocean has in store for her. Our “Good Boats”, Knorrinn, Haukur, Nattfari and Bjossi Sir are oak vessels. Knorrinn was built in 1963 and converted for leisure in 1994-5. The newest addition to our fleet is Nattfari, built in 1965 in Stykkisholmur and measuring 75´ (22.6 m). She is one of the last of generations of large oak boats in Iceland and a fine example of Icelandic herring boats built in the 1950’s and 60’s. Nattfari was renovated in 1998-9 with all the needs of the tourist industry in mind.

All of our boats are designed for sailing in the rough weather of the Atlantic. Their easy motion in rough waters is a hallmark of a “Good Boat”. If it weren’t for the joy of a boat’s motion in the waves, there would be little point in going afloat for pleasure.

Gamli Baukur in Icelandic

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