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Yztafell Farm

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.9133° N 17.5833° W

About Yztafell

This farm is situated at the northern foot of Mt Kinnarfell in the Kaldakinn County.

Sagas of Iceland Mr. Sigurdur Jonsson (1852-1926), farmer and Member of Parliament, lived there and was the most enthusiastic promoter of the co-operative society in the country. The Federation of Co-operative Societies was founded at Yztafell in 1902. A memorial by the farm commemorates this event. In 1917 a burial mound was discovered near the farm. It contained the earthly remains of a man, a horse and a strangely formed spear, which is kept in the National Museum.

The farm Yztafell is very conspicuous, when people are travelling past because of the myriad of all kinds of vehicles the proprietors have collected during the decades. In 2001 a communications museum was opened there and a part of it is kept in a 600-m² showroom.

Telephone: +354

Yztafell on North Iceland Saga Trail

Ystafell in Icelandic

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