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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.85° N 15.716667° W

About Vesturoraefi

This vast feeding and breeding area of the reindeer is within the frame of the Snowy Mountain, Snaefell, the northern edge of the icecap Vatnajokull and the glacial river Jokulsa a Bru. It is mostly vegetated and boggy in a few places. It is situated between 600 and 700 m above sea level.

One of the Tourist Association’s huts is situated at the western foot of the Snowy Mountain. Two main access roads lead into this area, one from the Hrafnkelsdalur valley and another and a better one from the Fljotsdalur valley. The latter was built in connection with research carried out in connection with the planned construction of a hydro electric power station and the creation of a man made lake, which would flood one of the largest breeding areas of the pink footed goose in the world.


Vesturoraefi in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Christian Bickel