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Gragaesadalur Valley

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 65.09236 ° N 16.187400° W

About Gragaesadalur

Valley Gragaesadalur (greylag goose) is in the southwest corner of the interior area, north of icecap Vatnajokull, called Bruaroraefi. The distance from River Kreppa bridge is relatively short by car. To the northwest from the valley Mt Fagradalsfjall rises and River Kreppa enters it partly and creates Lake Gragaesavatn or Lake Kreppa. The whole area is barren, except near cold springs and brooks, where odd wild angelicas grow. The widespread cover of moss in the valley and the slopes around attracts the pink-footed geese and sometimes large flocks can be observed there feeding. The small tourist hut was built in 1967.

Self drive Gaesavatna route

Gragaesadalur in Icelandic

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