National Forests

The Icelandic Forest Service (IFS) is a government institution responsible for research, development, consultation and distribution of knowledge within forestry.  The IFS owns or manages 53 land areas in the districts of Iceland. These forest areas have the status National Forests and are open for visitors all year round. A majority of the forests are easily accessible from the public roads, while a few requires a 4×4 vehicle and good hiking boots. Check the list below for a National Forest in the area you are visiting.

Select the National Forest you wish to visit:


Haukadalur Forest
Laugarvatn Forest
Múlakot Arboretum
Kirkjubæjarklaustur Grove
Thingvellir Historical Pine Grove
Þjórsárdalur Forest
Þórsmörk Native Birchwoods
Tumastaðir Forest


Vatnshorn native birchwoods
Icelandic Forest Research HQ at Mogilsa
Norðtunga Forest
Selskógur Forest
Stálpastaðir Forest
Jafnaskarð Forest


Ásbyrgi Nature Reserve
Grund Historical Forest Grove
Kristnes Forest
Melar & Skuggabjörg Forests
Reykjarhóll Forest
Sigríðarstaðir Forest
Þórðarstaðir, Belgsá & Bakkasel
Vaglaskógur Forest
Vaglir Forest in Þelamörk


Arnaldsstaðir Birchwoods
Hallormsstaðaskógur Forest
Jórvík Forest and native scrubland


Main Photo Credit: Esther Osp Gunnarsdottir