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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.8792008° N 16.6899656° W

Kvisker is the easternmost farm of the Oraefi (The Desert) District, just to the west of the outwash plain Breiðamerkursandur. A rare plant, Glitros (Rosa dumalis = The Prickly Rose), grows there and a beautifully situated lake, Stoduvatn, is situated to the northeast of the farm. The mountains behind the farm are well worth inspecting more closely on foot.

Seven brothers and sisters were born and lived at Kvisker. The brothers never received any higher education, but they were and are well known for their studies and knowledge in different fields of the natural sciences. Their collections of different bird species, insects etc. have been the source of knowledge for the educated scientists. A natural history centre is going to be established at Kvisker.

During the centuries, the farmers of Kvisker have been obliged to assist and accompany travellers across the outwash plain or the glacier snout, if the rivers were too swollen to ford. A highly interesting book on the nature of Kvisker and its family was published in 1998.

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