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Urdartindur, Nordurfjordur

The Urdartindur camping site is located at Nordurfjordur It has a spectacular... more

Nordurfjordur hut – Valgeirsstadir ITA

The Icelandic Touring Association (ITA) Nordurfjordur hut is called... more

Hornbjarg Hut, Hornstrandir ITA

Hornbjarg Hut and Camping About Hornbjarg Hut and Camping The ITA has taken... more

Camping in Reykjarfjordur

A good, private run campsite is located in Reykjarfjordur Service on... more

Camping in Lonafjordur

There is a campsite in Kvíar, but a permission is needed from the owners to... more

Camping in Hloduvik

There is a campsite in Hloduvik free of charge More about Iceland when... more

Camping in Hesteyri

Camping in Hesteyri Nowadays travellers in the area during summer are offered... more

Camping in Furufjordur

There is a campsite free of charge in Furufjordur More about Iceland when... more

Camping in Holmavik

The campsite is located by the swimming pool, within walking distance of a... more

Camping in Drangsnes

The campsite is close to grocery stores, swimming pool and a restaurant It is... more

Camping in Djupavik

About Djupavik Djupavik is a former fishing station and a fish processing... more

Camping in Hornstrandir

The Icelandic Travel Association (ITA) operates a camping site at the... more


Trekyllisvik This cove is framed with impressive and precipitous mountains and... more


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