Articles in Restaurant

Radagerdi Restaurant Seltjarnarnes

Radagerdi Restaurant in Seltjarnarnes is connected with Hard Rock  Coastline... more

Geysir fast service restaurant

From soups to healthy salads, perfect chicken wings to juicy burgers, all... more

Fridheimar Restaurant

Restaurant Have you ever been out for a meal in a greenhouse Come and enjoy a... more

Uthlid Restaurant

The restaurant Réttin is open from 16 – 20pm all days of the year except... more

Minniborgir Restaurant

Minniborgir Restaurant Minniborgir is a place where you can feel at home and... more


Food Experience In Fridheimar farm we create a pleasant Food... more


About Tjornes The mountainous peninsula Tjornes is indented with short valleys... more

Alftavatn Hut – Restaurant

Alftavatn Restaurant – Volcano Huts Region: Highland Coordinates: 6385° N... more

Stadarskali, Hrutafjordur

Stadarskali is a larger service centre, N1 petrol station,  a restaurant and... more


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