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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.653439° N 23.265449° W

Hrafnseyri is a farm and a former parsonage on the northern shores of the Arnarfiord Bay. The present church was consecrated in 1886. It is wooden and covered with corrugated iron. It has been blown off its foundations twice without great damages and put back where it belonged.

Hrafnseyri was Sagas of Icelandnamed after one of the greatest men of the Saga Period (12th century), Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson. He was probably the first educated doctor of medicine of the country. There are several ruins still visible in the home meadows, a church, and a cemetery.

On the 17th of June 1811, Jon Sigurdsson (†1879) was born there. His birthday, June 17th, is Iceland’s National Day. He played a unique role in the country’s fight for independence, was a member of parliament until the end of his years after it resumed its role in 1845 after an intermission of 47 years and its president as well from 1849. He lived in Copenhagen from 1852 – 1879. His former dwelling there is the property of the Icelandic government and is used for all kinds of cultural activities. His statue stands on the small square, directly opposite the House of Parliament in the capital. His memorial was unveiled at Hrafnseyri in 1911. His museum there was opened in 1980. He is often referred to as “Iceland’s Pride, Sword, and Shield”.

Hrafnseyri is on Saga Trail Westfjord 

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Hrafnseyri in Icelandic

Hrafnseyri church

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