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Hrafnseyri Church

Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.653439° N 23.235449° W

This church belongs to the Thingeyri benefice in the Isafiord deanery. During Catholic times, the churches were dedicated to the Holy Virgin and St. Peter. The parsonage was abolished in 1970 and the Rev. of Bildudalur served the church until 1975 and since then of Thingeyri. The present church was consecrated February 28th 1886. It was constructed of wood, protected by sheets of corrugated iron.

Sagas of IcelandTwice it was blown of its foundations without being damaged too much and was moved back. In 1897, it was renovated and a new steeple was built. In 1910, another renovation took place and it was recons crated in November the same year. Among its precious belongings are two chandeliers, a chalice, and a paten from the 17th century. Two very old bells are hanging in the steeple; the baptismal was carved the artist Rikhardur Jonsson. One of the chalices and the wall lamps were originally in the Lutheran Cathedral of Reykjavik. They were removed when the people of the capital started using gas for lightning.

Hrafnseyri Church is on Saga Trail Westfjord 

Sod farms and churches dating back to the 18th century

Hrafnseyri Church in Icelandic


Photo Credit: Visit Westfjords

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