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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.68° N 23.59° W

About Verdalir

Valleys Verdalir comprise Yztidalur, Middalur and Cove Sandvik. During the historic times to the end of the 19th century they were teeming with fishermen operating open six row-boats from their primitive outfits. The maintenance of those boats was an important part of the fishing seasons. They were coated with raw tar inside and out and the sails were repaired. When the weather was good enough to start the seasons, the fishermen transported their belongings, clothing, linens, beds, fishing gear, firewood, trunks etc. in the boats to the outfits.

Upon arrival there, the first thing to do was to clean the dwellings (sod houses) and organize everything indoors. Then boulders collected during winter storms were removed from the landings.

One of the young men who participated in those activities and the fishing in the early 19th century was Jon Sigurdsson, born at the farm Hrafnseyri on the Arnarfiord Bay. He later became the national hero of Iceland, its “Sword and Shield” in the struggle for independence.

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