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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.7963785° N 23.6806172° W

Valley Lokinhamradalur is situated in the extreme west on the northern side of the Arnar Bay in the Westfiord Area and counts among the most remote still inhabited parts of the country. It is framed with precipitous cliffs and only accessible on foot or by sturdy 4wd vehicles. Just as the whole Northwest, this valley depicts extraordinary natural beauty and is very attractive to nature lovers, although visited by few. Two farms still remain in the valley’s very limited, but well vegetated lowland area, which only opens towards the sea in the west.

Sagas of IcelandLegends tell us about four mean ghosts pestering the population there, one of which is still at large. One of the beloved authors of the country, Gudmundur G Hagalin, was born there. His works are mainly based on the nearest surroundings. The people of the valley based their livelihood mainly on fisheries, cod and shark, and several ruins of the fishing outfits on the Grisa Cove remind us of the hard times of the fight for sustenance in small, open row-boats.

Lokinhamardalur is on Saga Trail Westfjords 

Lokinhamardalur in Icelandic