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Guesthouse Harbour Inn Bíldudalur

Welcome to Harbour Inn Guesthouse – Bíldudalur, Iceland We welcome you to... more

Guesthouse Stekkabol

Located in the fishing village of Patreksfjordur with panoramic views of the... more

Guesthouse Steinhusid

Steinhusid in Holmavik is a guest house located in Holmavik, offering free... more

Guesthouses Managisting

Just 100 m from the Isafjordur shore in the Westfjords, this guest house offers... more

Guesthouse Gemlufjall

Gemlufall guesthouse features a terrace and sea views The air-conditioned... more


Farm Finnbogastadir is situated on the cove Trekyllisvik in the Strandir... more


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