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Camping at Hrafntinnusker

The English name of this 1128 m high mountain is The Obsidian Skerry It is... more

Camping Emstrur

Emstrur is a desolate grazing area in the southern interior, northwest of the... more

Camping Alftavatn

Lake Alftavatn is deep and decorative In the past, whooper swans were hunted... more

Camping Landmannahellir

At Landmannahellir there is a nice camping site and a site for house vans,... more

Camping Thorsmork

Thorsmork is one of the brightest pearls on the string of beautiful areas of... more

Camping Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is either the beginning or the end of the hiking trail to or... more

Camping in Highlands

When camping in Iceland or when travelling about in the country without... more

Afangi Mountain Hut

Located just off the Kjolur route, about 38 km north of Hveravellir, Áfangi... more

Hveravellir Camping

For outdoor fans travelling with tents  Hveravellir offers to stay at our... more

Holaskjol Camping

Holaskjol is located in Lamskardsholar next to an old lavafield that from when... more

Thorsmork Mountain Huts

Accommodation in Mountain Huts during your stay in Thorsmork are available by... more

Utivist Travel Association

About Utivist Travel Association Utivist is a travel association, which goal... more


About Thorsmork Thorsmork is one of the brightest pearls on the string of... more


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