White Beaked Dolphin, Lagenorbynchus albirostris, BLETTAHNÝÐIR

Adult males are about 3 m long and weigh 250-370 kg. Females are 2½-3 m long and weigh 180-250 kg. The snout is short, the dorsal fin and flippers are long and pointed. The colouring is variable between individuals, but usually the upper part of the body is dark, the belly, and the undersides of the fluke and the flippers are white. The upper jaw is light coloured on top and each jaw contains 22-24 cone shaped teeth. Life expectancy is 20-40 years. The distribution area in the North Atlantic is between western Greenland, Iceland and the Barent Sea south to the state of Massachusetts and France.

Curious and follows ships

The food consists mainly of squid, herring, capelin, cod, and other species. The cows give birth to one calf each summer. At birth, it is between 0,7 and 0,85 m long and weighs about 5 kg. The white beaked dolphin (Lat. Lagenorbynchus albirostris) is a sociable animal and usually travels in groups of 6-8 and sometimes big shoals are observed. It is found in the high seas as well as the coastal areas. It is curious, follows ships, and leaps out of the water. It appears in spring in Icelandic waters and leaves in autumn. Sometimes it drowns in fishnets and the meat is utilized. The world population is unknown, but the estimated number around Iceland is 12.000-20.000.

White Beaked Dolphin, Lagenorbynchus albirostris, BLETTAHNÝÐIR in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Hannah Beker

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