The ling’s (Lat. Molva Molva) habitat is in the northeast Atlantic, from Murmansk to Morocco. It seldom enters the Mediterranean. It has also been spotted off the coasts of Southwest Greenland and Newfoundland. In Icelandic waters, its habitat is off the southwest, south, and southeast coasts. It is caught at depths of 20-600, and even down to 1000 metres. Its favourite habitats are above rough and sanded ocean floors.

It feeds mainly off all kinds of fishes, i.e. herring, cod, haddock, Norway pout, blue whiting, flat fishes, and also crustaceans, star fish, squid and others. The ling itself is the prey of sharks, dolfins, killer whales and other large animals.

The ling grows fast during the first year, 18-20 centimetres, and after that 8-10 per year. It reaches puberty at the age of 6-8 years, the males earlier than the females. The ling’s estimated life span is at least 25 years.

Photo Credit: Gervais et Boulart


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