Saga Trail Reykjavik Area

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Murders and Executions Reykjavik and Reykjanes area

Reykjavik area: VALLEY EILIFSDALUR Mt Esja Reykjanes... more

Hofsstadir Historic Park

An impressive Viking-Age longhouse stood at Hofsstaðir from the Settlement... more


The rugged and barren Chapel Lava Field or the New Lava Field spreads between... more

Valley Eilifsdalur

Valley Eilifsdalur in Kjos county Valley Eilifsdalur cuts into Mt Esja from... more

Bessastadir Presidental Residence

The estate and parsonage - Governor's & presidental residence... more

Saga Trail Reykjavik Area

Saga Trail Reykjavik: AKUREY ISLAND THE CABINET... more


Arbaejarsafn is a mixed open air and a folk museum, a part of the collective,... more

Old Prison Reykjavik

The old prison, on street Skolavordustigur, was built in 1874 Originally it... more

Nautholsvik Thermal Beach

Farm Nautholl was built in 1850 and was burned in 1900 in the wake of the... more

Laugardalur Valley

In 1871 the artist, Sigurdur Guðmundsson, introduced the idea of creating a... more


According to the Kjalnesinga Saga the first settler in the area, Korpulfur,... more

Hofdi House

The origin of the Hofdi house is traced back to the times, when French... more


Nowadays the point Gufunes is a part of the most populous quarter of Reykjavik,... more

The Cabinet House

The so-called Cabinet House (Stjornarrad) has carried a few names since it was... more

Bessastadir Church

This church belongs to the Gardar benefice in the Kjalarnes deanery The Book... more

Lutheran Cathedral

Domkirkjan - Reykjavik Lutheran Cathedral Around the turn of the 18th century... more

Videy Island

About Videy Videy is the largest island of the Kollafjord Bay (1,7 km²) with... more

Kollafjordur Bay

About Kollafjordur Bay This bay is a branch of the largest bay of the country,... more

Grotta Island

Island Grotta is the the point of the Seltjorn Peninsula of which the capital... more

Geldinganes Headland

Geldinganes is a loosely connected headland to the north and northeast of the... more

Engey Island

Engey is the second largest island on the Kolla Bay Its name is most likely... more

Akurey Island

Akurey is the largest puffin colony in Kollafjordur fjord The islannd er... more

Althingishusid – The Icelandic Parliament House

The House of Parliament was built in 1880 - 1881 It was constructed from hewn... more

Reykjavik Airport

About Reykjavik Airport In 1919 the pilot Rolf Zimsen, the nephew of the mayor... more


About Vifilsstadir Originally the freedman Vifill built his farm to the... more

Mt. Esja Hike

Mt Esja is the most prominent mountain within the capital area after the... more


The former farm Kolvidarholl at the foot of the Hellisskard Pass was a popular... more

Bessastadir County

This county is on the peninsula Alftanes just south of the capital The... more


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