Lakefishing Capital Region

Articles in Lakefishing Capital Region

Medalfellsvatn, Angling

Lake Medalfellsvatn is located close to the Whale Bay (Hvalfiord) Its discharge... more

Leirvogsvatn, Angling

Lake Leirvogsvatn has an area of 1,2 km², its deepest point is 16 m and it is... more

SELVATN, Angling

Lake Selvatn or Silungatjorn is just outside the capital Its area is 0,37 km²... more

Reynisvatn, Angling

Lake Reynisvatn is still another lake located within the capital area According... more


Lake Ellidavatn is among the many lakes within the capital area Its surface... more

Vifilsstadavatn, Angling

Lake Vifilstadavatn is a small lake in nice surroundings very close to the... more


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