Blue Whiting

The blue whiting’s (Lat: Micromesistius poutassou) habitat is in the Northeastern Atlantic, Svalbard – Morocco and into the Mediterranean. It is also found off the coasts of Greenland, Canada and the USA. The normal size of mature fishes is 30-40 centimetres and the maximum length is 50. Icelandic interest in the blue whiting have been increasing since before the turn of the last century.

It is found all around iceland, especially off the southeast, south and southwest coasts. Small blue whitings are common during summer and autumn off the first two. Deep off the east coast parts of the great schools from the spawning grounds off the northwest coasts of the British Islands migrate in the search of food and back in the autumn.

Can get 20 years old

Mature fish of this species is found far out at sea in the upper layers and mid-depths, 200-400 metres down. Immature fish stays closer to the ocean floor at lesser depths. It occurs all the way down to 1000 metres.

The blue whiting feeds mainly off small crustaceans, small fries, and plankton. Larger fishes also feed of small fishes. The blue whiting is the prey of cod, haddock, leng and many small species of Pleurotremata. The blue whiting reaches puberty at the ages between 2 and 7 years, and can get 20 years old.

Photo Credit: Gervais et Boulart


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