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Studlagil Fljotsdal

Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.308695° N 15.1122758° W

Studlagil in Fljotsdal East Iceland

Stuðlagil canyon is one of the most stunning sight in the country which merged from under the river Jökulsá just a few years ago, when its level fell and revealed this wonder of nature. Stuðlagil hosts one of the largest number of basalt rock columns in Iceland. There are two options how one can get to the canyon. From the farm Grund there is approx. 250 meters walk to the viewpoint where you can look down on the diverse dark colored columns and the contrast with the clear blue color of the river. You can also park your car on the parking lot at the farm Klaustursel. The hike is approx. 5 kilometers one way but this way takes you closer to the canyon. Please bear in mind that the nature on this part is very delicate and keep on marked paths to respect the nature and the birds living there.

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Studlagil in Icelandic

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