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Farm BRU

Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.258695° N 15.1122758° W

The estate Bru, one of the largest of the country, is the innermost farm of the Glacial Valley (Jokuldalur), just west of the glacial river Jokulsa a Bru. During the centuries it was the site of a prayer chapel until a church was built there in 1892. This church was moved to farm Eiriksstadir in 1912. A cable carrier across the glacial river served the people of the area until the present bridge was built in 1953, when the people of the Hrafnkel’s Valley eventually became road connected. Trails and tracks for 4wd vehicles radiate into the interior from farm Bru.

One of them passes Lake Saenautavatn (Saenautasel, reconstructed farm) to the previously main road around the country. If continued straight west it joins the main track to Mts Kverkfjoll. The more southerly tracks pass through Valley Laugarvellir and along the Hafrahvammar Canyons. This track continues to the west, i.e. to the Valley of the Graylag Geese and the River Kreppa bridge.

Sagas of IcelandIn 1494, all the people of farm Bru abandoned the farm to escape the plague and built a farm at Dyngja in Valley Arnardalur. There they stayed one year and then built another farm on Lake Anavatn and called it Netsel. A weather observations station was installed at farm Bru in 1957.


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