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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.9286° N 23.6204° W

About Nupur

The ancient manor Nupur is situated on the northern shores of the Dyrafjord in the Westfiord Area.

Among many prominent personalities, who lived Sagas of Icelandthere, was governor Eggert Hannesson (1550-1583), who was one of the most powerful and richest men of the country until he moved permanently to Hamburg, Germany. Gissur Thorlaksson, the nephew of bishop Gissur Einarsson at Skalholt, lived there and married Ragnheidur, the daughter of Stadarholl-Pall. He perished young in an avalanche on the Hrafnseyri Moorland. Rev. Sveinn Simonarson brought the widow this tragic news, and assumedly she asked him if he could not say something to cheer her in this time of grief. He proposed marriage to her and she accepted. Their son, Brynjolfur, later became the bishop of the southern See at Skalholt.

Nupur was a parsonage during the centuries. A primary school was founded there in 1907 and twenty years later it became a part of the national school system in accordance with the law passed in 1927 and was operated until 1992. The founder of the school, Rev. Sigtryggur Gudlaugsson, was a versatile man and he was responsible for the wooded groove Skrudur, where his and his wife’s monument is standing. The school buildings are used as a summer hotel.

Nupur is on Saga Trail Westfjords 

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