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Holt Church

Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 66.0063849° N 23.4335445° W

The Holt Church belongs to the Holt benefice in the Isafiord deanery. Holt is an ancient estate and a parsonage on the Onundur Bay. Catholic churches there were dedicated to St Laurentius. Annexed churches were at Kirkjubol, Valthjofsdalur and Flateyri. The present church was built of wood in 1869. In 1937 it was thoroughly restored with concrete and before its centennial more restorations were carried out, among them the building of its wooden entrance.

Sagas of IcelandAmong the church’s precious belongings are two large copper candlesticks with the engraving: “Rev. Sveinn Simonarson Anno salutis 1604”, donated by the Rev., the father of bishop Brynjolfur Sveinsson. He also donated a beautifully carved baptismal imported from Germany. The most important of the few epitaphs in the church is the one dedicated to the memory of the county’s national hero Jon Sigurdsson. The present baptismal is the work of woodcarver Agust Sigmundsson. Two ancient chandeliers and church bells decorate the church. The altarpiece is a replica of a painting by Carl Bloch. A wooden statue of the Holy Mother with the child and Anna, her mother also add to the serenity. This statue probably dates back to around 1500 and was imported from Lubeck, Germany. The pax table is probably made from walrus ivory.

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Holt Church in Icelandic

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