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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 66.1611° N 23.5272° W

Farm Botn is situated in the Botn Valley at the end of Sugandi Bay and the mountain pass called Botn Moorland had to be crossed before the tunnel connected the area with the nearest towns, Isafjordur and Flateyri. The valley is well vegetated with pastures, birch bushes and high ferns. During the centuries, lignite was mined in the Billy-Goat Valley near the farm and during a short period in 1917. Again the mines were exploited during the Second World War, when mostly Faroese workers tunnelled for the fuel. The remaining 100 m long tunnel is filled with water, which is used for a small power station at the farm Botn.

Sagas of IcelandThe first settler on the bay, Hallvardur sugandi, probably lived at Botn and was buried in the mound called Sugandi. It is recommended to take a short walk from the farm to the waterfall in the mouth of the Billy-Goat Valley.

Botn is on Saga Trail Westfjord 

Botn in Icelandic


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