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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 64.46908° N 15.1644° W

About Lambatungnajokull

This glacier snout flows down into the Skyndidalur valley from the eastern edge of the icecap Vatnajökull.

Sagas of Iceland It probably was the first such natural phenomenum to be researched scientifically by an Icelander, Thordur Vidalin (1661-1742). His paper on the subject was issued in Germany in 1754 and eventually appeared in Icelandic in 1965.

One of the sources of River Jokulsa in Lon is its discharge. The pedestrian bridge crossing it represents the south gate of the magnetic and picturesque landscapes of the Lonsoraefi area, which is very popular among hikers.

East Iceland Saga

Lambatungnajokull in Icelandic

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