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Institute of Thorbergur Thordarson

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.104° N 16.0206° W

Thorbergur centre was built in memory of the famous Icelandic writer Thorbergur Thordarson (1888 – 1974), who was born in Hali. Thorbergur centre there are a heritage museum and unique exhibitions of the district Sudursveit and the writer Thorbergur Thordarson, his life and workIng the Thorbergur centre is a fully licensed Restaurant. We offer you coffee, home baked cakes and our specialities such as the Farmraised arctic char (trout) from Hali as well as other traditional local food like gourmet Icelandic lamb and traditional lamb meat soup with bread.

Thorbergur centre is open all the year around

The Thorbergur centre is by road number 1 only 13 km further east from Jokulsarlon

Thorbergursetur in Icelandic

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