Hotel Hali

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.104° N 16.0306° W

Hotel Hali is 13 km east of Jokulsarlon

Hali Country Hotel  in South East Iceland offers comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price. Hali is a well known cultural place as one of Iceland’s most famour writers was born here, Thorbergur Thordarson (1888 – 1974).

Hali Country Hotel is located 13 km east of Jokulsarlon, Glacier Lagoon, 73 km from Skatafell National park, and it is 70 km to town Hofn.

At Hali Country Hotel are double, twin and triple rooms, alltogether 33 rooms in 3 houses accommodating up to 74 guests.

There are 5 rooms with in-room sink sharing bathroom facilities, kitchen and living room and 23 spacious rooms with private bathroom with shower. In addition there are 2 apartments and another 12 rooms with private bathrooms will be opened in July 2016.

There is a fully licenced restaurant in Thorbergur centre with seating for 100 guests. It is open all year around 8:00-21:00.

“Thorbergur centre” in Hali is a cultural herritage centre dedicated to the writer Thorbergur Thordarson. There is a museum with a uniqie expedition telling the stories of this area, Sudursveit, and Thorbergur Thordarson’s life and works.

Marked hiking trails connected to the museum.

Hali Country Hotel is open all year around.

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