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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.1824° N 13.6850° W

This promontory, also called Horn, is the easternmost tip of the small Bardsnes Peninsula. It is the eastern outpost of the Nordfjordur Bay. It dropls very steep into the sea and the structure of the nearest mountain to the west is rhyolite with thick strata of breccias and tephra on top. Like elsewhere in the Eastfiords Area the basaltic strata of the mountains has a steep dip towards west and this Bardsnes Area probably represents the remains of a vast central volcano which has mostly been eroded away by the sea.

Sagas of IcelandThe westernmost part of the peninsula depicts very colourful, mostly red, rhyolite. Among the interesting things found on the peninsula are green pitchstones and petrified trunks of trees in the vertical position. These remains are said to be about 15 million years old. In earlier times, five farms stood on the peninsula and from there, the view is magnificent on a fine day.

Bardnseshorn in Icelandic

East Iceland Saga Trail



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