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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.5430° N 24.3662° W

About Hvallatur

The sheer cliffs of Latrabjarg are about 14 km long and the highest point rises 444 m above sea level. To the north are three wide coves, Latravik, Breidavik and Kollsvik respectively, with white scallop beaches, green lowland areas and interesting history. Cove Kollsvik is the most isolated, but still there are some traces of old fishing outfits there. Cove Breidavik is in the middle and opens up to the passers by on their way from Orlygshofn to Latrabjarg. A guesthouse has been operated there for a few years and prior to that, there was an educational establishment for teenagers. Breidavik is also a church site. Cove Latravik is the southernmost one and the community there was the westernmost of Europe, but nowadays the houses are only occupied during summer.

Sagas of IcelandRuins of fishing outfits of past are still very obvious and many travellers take a look at an old sheep shed to inspect the old construction methods. The Catholic bishop Gudmundur the Good blessed one of the freshwater well there as he did all over the country.

Many legends tell us about elves, ogres, monsters and ghost in the Outer Coves Area. People there saw the vessels of the elves off the coast and fought monsters and ghosts in the past. The most infamous ghosts were The Skipper in the corridor, Pilli, Dalli and the bun belt.

When the British trawler Dhoon ran aground in terrible weather conditions at the foot of the Latrabjarg cliffs on December 12th 1947, the rescue control centre was at farm Hvallatrar (Latrar) in Latravik. Twelve men were rescued under the most difficult circumstances imaginable and four drowned. Another British trawler ran aground near the headland Hafnarmuli on the Patrek’s Bay the next year and the film producer Oskar Gislason filmed the rescue operation. Later he used this film to produce the film “The Rescue Deed at Latrabjarg”.

Hvallatur is on Saga Trail Westfjord 

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