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Breidavik Church

Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.543007° N 24.366249° W

The Breidavik church belongs to the Patrek’s benefice in the Bardastrond deanery. Breidavik is a farm and a church site on Cove Breidavik in the Raudasandur County. During the early centuries of Christianity a prayer chapel stood there and in 1824 a parish church was built at Breidavik.

It was annexed to the Saudlauksdalur benefice in the past, but nowadays the Reverend of the Patreksfjordur benefice serves it. The present church was built in 1960. Many valuables from the old chapels and church are on display in the Hnjotur Museum.

Breidavik church in Icelandic

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