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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 65.2798° N 17.0747° W

About Sudurarbotnar

The Sudurarbotnar area is the catchment area of river Sudura, which extends all the way to the mountain massif Dyngjufjoll and Mts Herdubreidarfjoll. Its countless cold springs gradually create the largest river running from the Odadahraun area. It tributes to river Svarta near farm Svartarkot, which eventually spills into the glacial river Skjalfandafljot

Sudurarbotnar is a lovely vegetated area watered by a myriad of cold springs, a real oasis at the western edge of the Odadahraun lava desert. This area is relatively well vegetated, but also suffers the onslaught of erosion. The constant humitity of the area allows the vegetation to recover and spread gradually. Its discharge area stretches all the way to the Dyngjufjoll mountain massif. The eroded area all around this green spot shows signs of earlier vegetation and considerable traces of habitation as well. Several ruins have been discovered in the area, i.e. the farm Hrauntunga, an old ruin, which might have been a shelter for travellers in the past. Several skeletons have been unearthened there as well.
A 4wd track between the Bardardalur Valley or Lake Myvatn and Mts Dyngjufjoll passes through Sudurarbotnar.

Sudurarbotnar in Icelandic

Hiking trail: Herdubreidalindir to Svartarkot

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