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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 65.0122222° N 20.2055556° W

About Storisandur

Storisandur is an undulating, barren area north of the Langjokull Glacier between the Arnarvatn Moorland and the Kjalvegur Route. It comprises mainly the glacier-eroded remains of an ancient shield volcano, which are relatively easily passable and was frequently travelled by the people of the Skagafjordur District (until about 1890), especially when they were transporting dried fish from the southwest to the farms in the North.

The Icelandic Mountain Road Society cleared the track and marked it with cairns during the years 1831-34. The pinnacle shaped hill “Grettishaed” in the area probably is the “Grettisthufa” mentioned in the Gretti’s Saga, where Thorbjorn Ongull buried Gretti’s head after his slaying on the Drangey Island. Another legend has it, that Grettir fought his enemies there.

Along the edges of the Storisandur are rich cold spring areas, which feed the rivers Vatnsdalsa and Vididalsa in the North and River Nordlingafljot in the West. The most prominent mountain of the area is Mt Krakur (1167m), just north of Glacier Langjokull. A 4wd mountain track crosses this area between Lake Reykjavatn and the Kjalvegur Route and sidetracks continue to the valleys in the North.

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