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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.4958° N 16.09787° W

Rifstangi is the northernmost tip of the Melrakkasláttä and thus the northernmost tip on the mainland of Iceland.

Hraunhafnartangi is the second northernmost point of the country (66°32’03″N) just 3 kilometres south of the Polar Circle. The lighthouse was moved there from Rifstangi, the northernmost point of the country, in 1945. Lake Hraunhafnarvatn is a good trout and char fishing lake.

The easternmost point of the country is Gerpir (13°30’V),
the northernmost point of the country is Rifstangi. second northernmost point Hraunhafnartangi (66°32’N),

The westernmost point Bjargtangar Latrabjarg (24°32’V; also the westernmost part of Europe)
and the southernmost, Kotlutangi (63°23’N).

The southernmost point of the country is Kotlutangi (63°23’N).

Surtsey 63.3537349°

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