Tax Free in Iceland – VAT refund in Iceland

Tax free – VAT refund

All non-Iceland residents are tax free eligible. The minimum amount on one single purchase receipt must be ISK 6.000. The original purchase receipts must be attached to the tax free form. The retailer signature must be on the tax free form.

All tax free forms must be export validated (stamped by customs or by Arion bank at the airport)

How does it work?

If you purchase items in a local store and are going to export them from Iceland, then you should ask in the store for a Tax Free form. The form is filled in by the store and the original purchase receipts attached to it.

When you leave the country you take the goods purchased, the tax free forms and the receipts to Arion bank in the airport or if the amount is higher than 100.00 ISK to the customs office to have the form stamped and thereby export validated.

You then take the tax free forms, together with the original purchase receipts, to the International Refund Point and get your refund.

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