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Self drive from Egilsstadir



Egilsstadir-Borgarfjordur East-Husey

Drive through Eidar and over the Mt. pass Vatnskard to Cove Njardvik to reach the colourful landscapes of Borgarfjordur East. The hamlet’s harbour is renowned for its birdlife and its church is worth a visit. Refreshments are served at Alfakaffi and in the Cultural Community Centre, which also accommodates the Kjarval Hall. Drive back the same way to a crossing where the road to the right leads to the hydroelectric power plant Lagarfossvirkjun and across river Lagarfljot. The detour to sod farm Galtastadir fram is not great and a peek into the reconstructed church Geirsstadakirkja at the crossing to farm Husey does not take long. From Husey we head straight back along river Jokulsa a Bru to road #1 and turn left to Egilsstadir.


Drive through valley Skriddalur, over the Mt Pass Breiddalsheidi, through valley Breiddalur to the fishing hamlet Breiddalsvik. From there to the north along the coastline of the towering mountains of the Eastfjords with some breaks in the hamlets Stodvarfjordur, Faskruðsfjordur, Reydarfjordur, Eskifjordur and Neskaupstadur, before heading back to Egilsstadir across the moorland Fagridalur.


Egilsstadir-around Lake Logurinn and Karahnjukar

After a drive through forest Hallormsstadaskogur with a stroll in its arboretum, visits at the Skriduklaustur Cultural Centre and the National Power Authority’s Information Centre are suggested on the way to the Karahnjukar area. On the way back, on the northern side of Lake Logurinn, it is ideal to hike up the slopes east of river Hengifossa to take a look at the third highest waterfall of the country. From there onwards to Egilsstadir.

An Itinerary Suggestion for a 1 day tour from Egilsstadir

A round trip, preferably by a 4wd vehicle, from Egilsstadir through Valley Jokuldalur to Farm Bru via Valley Hrafnkelsdalur to the Karahnjukar power plant project and a detour to Mt Snaefell before continuing to the main Fljotsheidi road to the project’s Visitor’s Centre, Valthjofsstadur Church, the Cultural Centre Skriduklaustur, and through the county’s largest forest Hallormsstadur back to Egilsstadir.

Another alternative from Farm Bru would be to continue to Valleys Bruardalir, especially Valley Laugarvalladalur to a refreshing natural bathing pool before continuing to the bridge of River Jokulsa to enter the Power Plant project and then enter the latter part of the above itinerary.

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