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Ptarmigan hunting in Iceland

Ptarmigan hunting is a winter sport and calls for a great deal of walking. Some hunters use snow scooters and specially equipped 4wd vehicles to seek the birds farther into the Ptarmiganmountains but ptarmigan hunting will always be the „walkers sport”. Winter sets in differently early and quite unannounced, so hunters have to be prepared for all kinds of weather and should dress accordingly. On the first day the hunters are transported to their accommodations (hunting lodges or hotels) near hunting the locations, which are among the most successful ones in the country. Ptarmigan hunting involves quite some walking in hilly landscapes and birchwood areas, sometimes on snowy ground during the daylight hours.

The ptarmigan appears individually or more together in differently large flocks. The ptarmigan is well camouflaged, white in winter and brown in summer, so one has to keep alert to spot them in time. The ptarmigan is not so difficult to predict. Weather and food play a big role in its behaviour pattern and usually it sticks to its natural habitat, making it relatively easy to trace and find. Semi automatic or double barrelled 12 gauge shotguns are permitted. For automatic ones, three cartridges are the maximum. All types of cartridges are available in Iceland.