Landmannaleid Route

About Landmannaleid

This route takes you through one of the most colorful and beautiful areas of the country. During dry spells it is passable by most cars, but 4wd vehicles are preferable. It is possible to enter this route in two places from the west. The proper route starts to the west of Mt. Hekla, where the signpost reads: Domadalur and the other track starts by the hydro electric power station at Sigalda, where the signpost reads: Landmannalaugar 26 km.

If the proper route is selected, the track lies just north of the most infamous of Icelandic volcanoes, Hekla. It continues to one of the pearls of the central highlands, Landmannalaugar, and then further east to the eruptive fissure Eldgja. Those who travel this route are left with impressions to last a lifetime.